Sexual and reproductive health and family planning

Health Partners International improves sexual and reproductive health and family planning services through an integrated approach that encompasses multiple strategies. These include: increasing service provision (especially access to a choice of contraceptive methods); improving access to, and quality of, health care; and engaging and mobilising communities around sexual and reproductive health issues to create support and demand for services.

HPI’s expertise extends from implementing evidence-based practices to strengthening health sector governance through capacity building, community mobilisation and performance-based mechanisms.

A particular focus is on gender equality and women’s empowerment and in implementing innovative approaches to reach the most unsupported and vulnerable communities, including adolescents.

At community level, we focus on addressing myths and misconceptions around sexual and reproductive health, particularly family planning, and engaging communities and their leaders to overcome resistance, create trust and build support and sensitise communities on sexual and reproductive health and family planning services.

At policy level, we focus on providing consultancy services to human resource capacity development and sector-wide strategies for allocating, accessing and managing resources.