Structuring and organisation of health services

Health Partners International has extensive experience in the structuring and organisation of health services for ensuring effective and accessible health care in middle and low-income countries.

We provide technical assistance to reorganise national level structures, and to decentralising and strengthening district health systems.

Some principles and strategies that we have found vital include:

  • Engaging with stakeholders and ensuring on-going political and managerial commitment is maintained at all levels;
  • Ensuring that changes improve service delivery and are enshrined in acts, laws and regulations;
  • Ensuring that changes achieve tangible improvements and that disruption is minimised during the change management process;
  • Strengthening management systems, including financial, information and human resources;
  • Engaging with key community stakeholders and the community itself; and
  • Building the capacity of managers in the new structures.

Other technical experts who work in this field include: Bryan Haddon, Rodion Kraus and Paula Quigley.