Legislative frameworks

Health Partners International works in partnership with national and state governments and ministries of health to develop legislative frameworks to incorporate health policies and regulations into law.

Our work identifies key steps required to develop enforceable legislation, which includes:

  • Review of the country’s structural constraints, including international financing agreements.
  • Consultation with relevant ministries.
  • Development of policy and enabling legislation.
  • Development of regulations to amplify enabling legislation.
  • Creation of underlying legal instruments.
  • Provision of training to implement legislation.

HPI also works in health policy, legislation, and ethics to develop practical solutions to address issues arising from externally funded biomedical research initiatives. This is an area in which effective legislation and enforcement powers are particularly important. Many developing countries opt for the benefits of research and innovation, only later becoming aware of the long-term consequences, and sometimes the substantial costs, they will incur.

Technical Team

Other Technical Experts who work in this field include Emmanuel Sokpo and Andrew McKenzie