Health policy and planning

Health Partners International collaborates with stakeholders at all levels to identify, develop, and implement health policies in support of national health plans and priorities.

Our work in developing health policies and strengthening planning are closely related to one another and take both supply and demand issues into account. We include the people who are responsible for the planning and delivery of services and the people who the services are intended for.

Working in partnership we support stakeholders to:

  • Use evidence to advocate for policy choices and dialogue at national to facility levels.
  • Translate policy choices into appropriate legislation and regulations.
  • Develop and use enabling legislation to establish more coherent and unified systems.
  • Collaborate to overcome challenges in translating policies into strategic and operational planning and practice.

In all cases our work is carefully considered so that it is specific and attainable for each country and for each level or sector.

HPI has extensive experience of health policy and planning in countries including: Namibia, Nigeria, South Sudan, St Lucia, Malawi and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Other technical experts providing advisory services in health policy, planning and financing include: William AnyebeSofo Ali-Akpajiak, Cathy Green, Jeffrey Mecaskey and Paula Quigley.