Capacity development

HPI has extensive experience of building the capacity of managers in particular systems (e.g. information, finance, human resource, supply chain management systems) and general managers running national, state or local government departments of health.

Our approach focuses on extending traditional competency building interventions which generally focus on developing and strengthening knowledge (‘know-what’) and skills (‘know-how’) to include impact on attitude, will and motivation (‘care-why’) and on transferring learning to engage with organisational systems and processes (‘know-why’).

Additionally, sustained and continuous development of individual professional competency needs an institutional environment which rewards going beyond the professional execution of tasks, to strategic leadership and team motivated creativity.

Other Technical Experts who work in this field include: William AnyebeBryan Haddon, Michael Siebert, Pieter de Ruijter, Jan Huijs, Paula Quigley and Ike Osakwe.