Our approach to successful delivery of routine immunisation services is a ‘whole system’ one which requires good governance, strong health systems and an adequate and well-trained health workforce.

To be sustainable and cost-effective, HPI believes that routine immunisation services are best delivered as part of the health system, through Primary Health Care services.

HPI has longstanding experience of working in Africa in designing, implementing and supporting immunisation programmes and has made significant improvements in increasing coverage of routine immunization.

HPI’s core areas of expertise and experiences relevant to immunisation include:

  • Consolidating services to promote collaboration and the integration of routine immunisation in Primary Health Care services.
  • Establishing pooled funds and management systems to ensure availability of resources and improved accountability.
  • Strengthening long-term immunisation planning, cold chain management and vaccine distribution at all levels to improve the efficiency and safety of the vaccine supply chain.
  • Ensuring reliable and safe storage of vaccines in remote areas through establishing preventative maintenance systems and using appropriate technology, such as solar fridges.
  • Increasing the use of data for planning, improving data management skills, and increasing access to data, leading to better management of routine immunisation services.
  • Increasing community demand for immunisation services, building knowledge and awareness of the importance of immunisation and confidence and trust in the use of Primary Health Care services.