Human resource management

Human resources account for the major share of the health budget (normally around 70%). To maximise value for money for our clients, we facilitate the capacity development of HR managers and teams as a whole and strengthen HR systems and processes.

This includes:

  • developing and costing human resource strategies and plans
  • analysing staff skills and the efficiency of existing staff distribution patterns
  • implementing recruitment, retention, deployment and succession  practices and plans
  • streamlining human resource processes and procedures
  • creating new human resource administration systems
  • developing a performance based assessment approach

HPI works to ensure that both the formal and informal rules governing HR issues are well understood by HR management teams and supports the development of the profile and political influence of HR institutional structures which is key to ensuring effective HR management.

HPI has worked in Botswana, Georgia, South Africa, Nigeria, South Sudan and Zambia to strengthen human resources for health.

Other technical experts in this field include: Andrew McKenzie and Rodion Kraus.