Human resources for health

Our broader health systems expertise enables us to address human resources for health issues in from a “whole systems” perspective, linking systems and technological innovations with appropriate capacity strengthening to ensure that these innovations will have traction and scale.

Health Partners International supports public and private health service providers and health training institutions to clarify needs, assess what is in place and overcome obstacles to address human resource challenges. We offer evidence-based, grounded approaches to human resources for health policy, planning, management and information systems.

Our experience includes working with the political economy of  formal and informal power structures that shape what is possible in a given context, such as the application of gender analysis to human resource issues, as well as strengthening policy and efficient resource allocation.

Our fundamental strategy is to enable managers in training institutions, ministries and facilities to address their specific human resources challenges. We have a range of tested, adaptable management and decision support tools, including software, to support lasting and systemic change.

HPI has worked in Botswana, South Africa, Zambia, Nigeria, South Sudan and Georgia to strengthen human resources for health.