Financing health services

Our approach to mobilising support for financing health services is to adopt a whole systems view, taking into account political power structures, governance issues, sustainability, long term impact and value for money.

Health Partners International has a strong track record of leveraging additional resources, including designing, streamlining and strengthening financial mechanisms for leveraging funding from national to state to local levels for an integrated health systems programming, or for disease specific or vertical programmes such as immunisation.

Advocacy, supporting donor harmonisation efforts, building capacity and political commitment and strengthening financial management systems are some of the approaches we use to achieve this and to maximise the impact of funding.

Our participatory community engagement approaches have empowered communities to independently scale up key interventions such as Women Investing Savings for Health funds and achieve significantly higher coverage at low cost.

Other Technical Experts who work in this field include: Cathy GreenPaula Quigley.