Healthcare financing

Health Partners International strengthens public financial management by building capacity at the institutional, systems and individual levels to improve accountability and strengthen the financial efficiency of health service delivery.

HPI works closely with the public and private sector, from national level and policy design to local facilities and community systems, to offer consultancy services in:

  • Performance-based financing or results-based financing mechanisms: including strengthening systems to support scale up.
  • Financial management: including strengthening financial management systems, the annual budget process, expenditure tracking and tracking health sector budget performance.
  • Costing of health services: including determining the cost of integrated health service packages or programs for specific health areas, such as nutrition or emergency obstetric care.
  • Financing of health services: including reviewing public health expenditure, establishing ‘pooled funds’ or ‘basket funds’, Sector Wide Approaches (SWAps), mobilising government and donor resources, and designing and implementing community-based savings schemes and sustainable drug supply systems.