Health systems strengthening

Functioning and effective systems for health are the most sustainable way of saving lives at scale. Health systems are crucial for delivering health care for those most in need, reducing the burden of major diseases and play an important role in poverty reduction.

Over the last 20 years, Health Partners International has developed a body of evidence and experience around ‘women centred health care’ and around gender equality within the health system, including human resources systems, in some of the most challenging environments.

Our work has involved intensive engagement with stakeholders at all levels of the health system–from the household to the community, to the health facility to state and national authorities, integrating governance reform with systems strengthening in general and women and girls in particular.

We know that creating ‘women-centred health care’ at scale requires strengthening governance and systems with explicit attention to the perspectives and priorities of women at each step in the systems development process.

We have seen that a health system shaped by women’s perspectives and priorities is a health system that works for a better society, enabling empowered and resilient communities.

Health Partners International’s and WISE Development’s work in health systems strengthening supports gender equality, across the six WHO health system building blocks as well as a seventh – Community Systems, encompassing both contextualisation, demand creation and increased accountability. For sustainability and impact, whole systems need to be addressed.

Download our brochure Health systems that work for women & girls (PDF 272 KB)