Quality of care

Health Partners International provides support to Ministries of Health at national, district and facility level to improve the quality of care in fragile and complex environments and developing countries.

Many maternal and child deaths are avoidable. By focusing on improving the quality of care, HPI is able to demonstrate improved client and patient satisfaction, increased use of health care services and improved health workers’ job satisfaction.

As well as introducing and implementing technical and integrated supportive supervision and quality improvement processes in health facilities, HPI facilitates the accreditation of Health Training Institutes and training of female midwives and community health workers, the refurbishment of health facilities and provision and maintenance of equipment, and the set-up of systems to ensure the uninterrupted availability of essential drugs.

Other Technical Experts who work in this field include: Sofo Ali-Akpajiak, Jan Hofman, Paula Quigley and Adetoro Adegoke