Hospital management

Within the overall health system, hospitals are increasingly complex and costly organisations. Effective and efficient management of hospitals pose huge challenges in both developed and developing countries.

Hospitals play an important and complementary role in health systems, and effective referral and support links need to be in place so that hospitals provide quality, affordable, accessible and efficient health care.

We provide support to the public and private sector to ensure that hospitals are managed efficiently by:

    • Developing national hospital strategies;
    • Developing statutory and legislative frameworks to enable decentralisation;
    • Rationalising existing hospitals and decentralising management authority within hospitals to cost centres;
    • Population-based planning of national and regional bed requirements;
    • Developing staffing norms and guidelines and patient fee structures;
    • Developing hospital management information systems;
    • Introducing modern hospital management practices, such as a revenue management system;
    • Introducing regular review, analysis and improved monitoring of patient care;
    • Improving pharmaceutical and hospital equipment management;
    • Introducing independent external financial and performance audits;
    • Developing mechanisms that improve accountability and ensure communities have a voice in the planning and delivery of services;

Health Partners International has worked on major initiatives in South Africa, Nigeria, South Sudan, Ghana, South Africa, Malawi, Tanzania and Vietnam.

Other technical experts providing advisory services in hospital management include Michael SiebertPieter de Ruijter, Jan Huijs and Dr Idris Garba.