Cluster care approach

Health Partners International works with governments and ministries of health to strengthen health systems to achieve universal health coverage. To support the achievement of scale up of services, HPI adapted the widely recommended cluster approach to Emergency Obstetric Newborn Care (EmONC) service delivery.

The strengthening of health service delivery occurs in synergy with community engagement activities, which create demand for services. This approach has been very successful in keeping activities focused in a manageable way, while gradually rolling out interventions to achieve universal coverage in the target states.

The key difference of HPI’s cluster care approach to the UNICEF/UNFPA/WHO cluster approach model is twofold: first, we employ the cluster care approach as a strategy for health systems strengthening as well as service delivery; second, we place a greater emphasis on the community and social development side of the equation to ensure serviecs are acceptable and accountable to the communities they cover.