Information systems

We develop the capacity of health managers to use routine health management information system (HMIS) data. Data on health outcomes, service delivery indicators and the overall performance of the health system is used to  plan, implement, monitor and evaluate health programmes and hold programmes and services to account.

Health Partners International works closely with HISP to build capacity at all levels of the health system to ensure availability of high quality, reliable data. HISP promotes the use of an open source database (DHIS) which currently serves the health information needs of around two billion people. HPI’s specific expertise is in the use of information by managers.

HPI and HISP have been working in partnership in a number of countries including Zambia, Nigeria, South Sudan and South Africa to improve or create successful HMIS. Our work to simplify a system in Nigeria has resulted in significant improvements in the reporting, quality and use of information.

Other technical experts in this field include HPI Partner, Michael Siebert.