Increasing access to health services

Our strength is in designing initiatives to increase access to health services that can quickly be taken to scale, increasing population coverage, by government and other partners.

Health Partners International provides social development consultancy services to increase access to essential health services on the demand-side. We work with government and community partners to design bespoke strategies that address complex community and household barriers that prevent timely use of health services.

Our approach differs from many other health programmes which prioritise communication interventions as a way to increase demand. We engage with communities to understand their constraints and devise a community-led response that addresses all barriers simultaneously in a comprehensive approach. Social and gender analysis are used to understand the local social context and to devise intervention strategies that are likely to be sustained.

We give priority to interventions and processes that put local people ‘in the driving seat’ and which lead to sustained change at community level. We have specialist expertise in:

  • Increasing access to emergency and routine safe motherhood services.
  • Increasing access to routine immunisation, newborn & child health services.
  • Using innovative training methodologies to increase knowledge and mobilise communities.
  • Community-based transport solutions to physical access barriers.
  • Community-managed financial safety nets.
  • Community blood donor schemes.
  • Mobilising communities to support hard to reach groups, such as socially isolated young women.

Other Technical Experts who work in this field include: Miniratu Soyoola, Georgia Taylor, Tony Klouda, Mary Surridge and Paula Quigley.