Inclusion and equity

Universal access to essential health services is a high priority for governments around the world. Within this approach, a focus on getting services to where they are needed the most can result in dramatic improvements in health indicators as clusters of poor health and poor access are reached. Health Partners International (HPI) works with government at different levels, the private sector, and civil society partners to build capacity to deliver inclusive and equitable health systems.

HPI supports governments to translate their commitments to equitable and inclusive healthcare by:

  • Providing high-level policy advisory support on health equity issues.
  • Costing essential health care packages.
  • Integrating equity considerations into health financing policy.
  • Designing targeted strategies to reach under-served and under-supported groups.
  • Undertaking research that is sensitive to the social factors that affect health access and outcomes.

Other Technical Experts who work in this field include: Jeffrey Mecaskey, Georgia TaylorEmmanuel Sokpo, Minaratu Soyoola, Mary Surridge, Paula Quigley, Garth Singleton.