Asset management software

Health Partners International’s asset management software, known as PLAMAHS, offers a solution to rationalise the planning and management of assets in health services. The PLAMAHS software is a computerised, open source tool for planning and managing equipment, buildings and other physical assets for the health sector.

PLAMAHS is designed specifically for health systems in lower and middle-income countries where there is no existing overview of physical assets. Physical asset expenditures represent a significant portion of health care budgets.

PLAMAHS can hold data on:

  • a reference to the health and equipment policy in order to assess compliance with the policy
  • infrastructure, asset and medical equipment status, for inventory, maintenance or identifying future requirements
  • budgets in order to plan and allocate the available financial resources
  • procurement information that radically simplifies the acquisition of appropriate equipment

Additional features allow for querying, reporting and uploading images of facilities, buildings and equipment to support data entries.

PLAMAHS can be customised to meet the needs of individual health services, health systems, individual providers or donor organisations. HPI and partners have developed user manuals to support the integration and use of the PLAMAHS software into existing systems and teams.

It is currently being used in Nepal, Malawi, Nigeria and Burkina Faso. PLAMAHS is available in English and French with the option for further translation and script variation.

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