Health Partners International has created and developed planning and management tools to strengthen health systems.

All our tools, including open source software, have been tried and tested at a local level in a variety of contexts in sub-Saharan Africa and are easily adaptable to client needs. Developed in collaboration with our partners, these tools are designed to be both modular and scaleable.

Our planning tools include:

  • HR software: A modular and adaptable tool designed to help health planners and ministry managers to analyse, plan and manage human resources across the health system and within health facilities.
  • Asset management software: The PLAMAHS tool supports the planning and management of assets in health services and can be used to assess, plan and manage health equipment, utilities, buildings and other assets.
  • Revenue management system: This model analyses various revenue indicators enabling health services to monitor and manage income and expenditure more effectively and efficiently.

Our range of guidelines and training manuals have been adapted to client and country-specific needs enabling health managers and development practitioners to replicate and extend the use of our tools. A selection of these include: