Michael Siebert

Technical Lead, Human Resources Planning and Management

Michael Siebert is a management consultant and experienced hospital manager with ten years of experience in health service management consulting. Michael was Managing Director for Health Partners Southern Africa (HPSA) between 2008 and 2010 and on the Board of Directors for HPSA since 2001. Currently, as HPI’s Lead Consultant for Southern Africa, Michael’s technical areas of expertise include:

  • development of information systems for managing health services
  • productivity improvement
  • programme and project development, implementation, management and evaluation
  • development of systems for operational service (for example, hospital transport, laundry services, catering and cleaning services)
  • organisational development
  • human resource planning and development, particularly for the health sector
  • facilitating training workshops.

Background and relevant experience

Michael has experience in:

  • all aspects of health planning and management
  • technical activities, including training, management information systems and quality assurance
  • analysis of procedures and processes
  • technical assistance programmes for hospital operational units and coordination of their implementation and evaluation.

He has additional expertise in software development focused on health sector applications.

Since 2005, Michael has been providing technical assistance to the Ministry of Health for the BOTUSA/United Nations Development Programme project on Health Manpower Planning for Botswana. This work has principally focused on the development of staff establishments for hospitals, district authorities and all primary health care facilities. Michael has also been extensively involved in the utilisation and customisation of a human resource-planning database, HR Software, to expedite the project and to provide costing analyses of human resource needs.

Between 2003 and 2007, Michael provided technical support to the hospital autonomy component of the Reducing child morbidity and strengthening health care systems, Malawi. He was involved in the assessment of decentralisation of management, financial management, strategic and operational planning and performance management.

Prior to this (1999–2002), Michael provided health systems development support to the EU-funded Hospital Transformation Project in Eastern Cape province, South Africa. His role involved:

  • facilitating the organisational development and human resource planning of five provincial psychiatric hospitals, 17 provincially aided (private) district hospitals, nine private chronic care hospitals, eight state district hospitals and nine health districts
  • assisting the Eastern Cape Department of Health in contracting out hospital services to non-governmental providers of health care
  • strengthening the management capacity of the hospital sector by facilitating the development of knowledge and skills of individual district and hospital managers
  • the development and maintenance of the HRPlanner database
  • supporting provincial financial and human resource management processes.

Michael has consulted in South Africa, Nigeria, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana and Georgia.