Jan Huijs

Technical Advisor, Healthcare technology management and sterilization of medical supplies

Jan Huijs is a specialist in health care technology management (and the compilation of standard equipment lists) for health care facilities in low-income countries. He has extensive experience in the preparation of medical equipment tender documents for health facilities; devising rehabilitation programmes; planning, implementing and evaluating maintenance structures for health services; installation, repair and maintenance of health facility equipment in low-income countries; design, programming and implementation of information systems; training in the sterilization of medical supplies; and management of energy use.

Background and relevant experience

Jan has been extensively involved in the development of the management and planning software tool, PLAMAHS – Planning and Management of Assets in Health Services. This software tool can hold complete inventories and perform technical and financial analysis; generate standard lists of appropriate equipment up to specification level; and generate capital and recurrent budgets. He has adapted the PLAMAHS software to local settings and implemented it in Laos, Uganda, Burkina Faso and Kenya. He co-founded HEART Consultancy with Pieter de Ruijter in 1995, providing technical assistance in the field of planning and management of physical assets and the sterilisation of medical supplies.

Jan has also worked extensively in compiling and publishing training materials and textbooks on the subject of the sterilization of medical supplies. In 1996, his book the Sterilization of Medical Supplies by Steam, Volume 1 General Theory was published. Jan has also led a number of training courses for users and technicians in the sterilization of medical equipment. His courses are designed to improve the supply of sterile goods in health facilities by familiarising training staff with the concepts of infection control, hygiene and sterile supply.

Between 1982 and 1989, Jan worked for Hospital Engineering Services for the Mission Health Institutions in Ghana. His responsibilities included planning and establishing the maintenance structure for medical equipment and installation for mission hospitals in Ghana; performing a wide range of actual repairs and installation; and providing in-service training courses for maintenance staff. During this time he gained hands-on experience in the design and installation of power generating and distribution systems in health facilities and in the installation of photo voltaic solar systems.

Jan’s consultancy work has included providing one-week courses for key operating theatre staff on the sterilization of medical supplies in Malawi (2003); undertaking an inventory of infrastructure and equipment in the Laos health service (2004−5); taking the sterilization component of a postgraduate course on the disinfection and sterilization of medical supplies at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa (2005); consulting on the specifications, selection and design of a solar-heated steam sterilizer in Tanzania (1999−2000); undertaking a data analysis of all medical assets in the rehabilitation of five rural health facilities in Mozambique (1998−2000); and preparing the tender documents for all medical equipment and furniture as part of a study on the rehabilitation of 37 health facilities in the Central and Rift Valley Provinces of Kenya (1996−8).

Selected Publications Presentations and Reports

Jan Huijs (1998). A Guide to Power Management and Power Back up

Jan Huijs  (1996). Sterilisation of Medical Supplies.’ Third Edn. Unknown: Heart Consultancy

Jan Huijs (1995). ‘Care and Safe Use of Hospital Equipment‘. London: VSO

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