Emmanuel Sokpo

Technical Lead, Health Sector Management, Quality Assurance, Governance and Policy and Planning


Dr. Emmanuel Sokpo is a consultant physician with postgraduate training in Decentralised Health Management. He is the Managing Director of NPHD Ltd, a partner organisation to HPI in Nigeria. He has extensive experience in health policy, strategy and planning as well as in the reorganisation and management of Primary and Secondary Health Services. He is a seasoned health administrator and an experienced project manager with expertise in the following areas: health systems strengthening; institutional capacity building; management of drug supply systems and physical assets in the health sector; management of safe motherhood and child health interventions; infectious disease control and total quality improvement in health. He is also member of the Board of Directors of Health Reform Foundation of Nigeria, a leading Nigerian health advocacy organisation.

Background and relevant experience

Dr Sokpo is currently the Senior Technical Advisor on the Health System Strengthening component of the multi-donor funded Health Pooled Fund, South Sudan (HPF), supporting six states. He supports policy, strategy, planning and implementation at national, state and county levels. He also provided management support and technical assistance to the Zinc and Iron and Folic Acid Supplements, Nigeria (ZIFAS) programme which sought to ensure long-term sustainable supply of ZIFAS in the public health system.

Dr Sokpo is a Senior Technical Adviser for Women for Health, Nigeria (W4H), a programme which addresses the acute shortage of female health workers in five states in northern Nigeria, and also for the Integrated Approach to Neglected Tropical Diseases (UNITED) programme in Nigeria.

Previously Dr Sokpo provided ongoing technical assistance on various aspects of Health Systems and Governance for the Partnership for Reviving Routine Immunization in Northern Nigeria / Maternal Newborn and Child Health (PRRINN-MNCH) Programme. He provided strategic support on strengthening of policy, strategy and planning as well as health sector appraisal and performance management; public financial management; advocacy; improving partnership and coordination; and reorganization of PHC system including development of minimum service packages.

Dr Sokpo has also worked as the State Team Leader for Jigawa and Kano for the DFID funded Partnership for Transforming Health Systems 1, Nigeria (PATHS 1), managing programme activities that covered over 12 million people in Northern Nigeria. He was instrumental to the innovative establishment of a decentralised Gunduma (district) health system in Jigawa state and the decentralisation of TB DOTS management to community level in Kano State, which was adopted by the Federal Ministry of Health in Nigeria as a key strategy for TB control.

He has worked with Christian Health Association of Nigeria (CHAN) to undertake a review of Hospitals and Primary Health Care facilities through a rapid and participatory appraisal process.  He also supported CHAN to produce a plan to support its over 4000 health institutions to improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

Prior to this Dr Sokpo was the Chief Executive Officer (1993-2000) of the Benue Hospitals Management Board responsible for direct management of all public hospitals and for collaboration with private and tertiary hospitals in Benue State. He was also the Nigerian project management counterpart of the DFID supported Benue Health Fund project. This project integrated social development issues in health with clinical issues and health governance to reform the Benue health sector. He led the team that decentralised the authority and management in the Benue State Hospitals Management Board. For over seven years he participated in the National Council of Health for Nigeria, the highest advisory body on health matters to the Minister of Health. He has also provided technical assistance to the government of Southern Sudan in developing a framework to improve its hospital services.

Dr Sokpo has strong experience in both the private and not-for-profit health sectors. He has worked with the missionary health services in various capacities, as a clinical consultant and trainer, manager and policy maker and rose to become the Chief Executive of the largest missionary referral and training hospital at Mkar, a five hundred bed hospital in Benue State. He has also supervised the Primary Health Care (PHC) arm of the missionary health services covering over four hundred PHC facilities providing services to over seven million people across three states of Nigeria’s north central zone.

Selected Presentations, Publications and Reports



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  • A Contraceptive Prevalence Survey among Women of Childbearing age in Nyamastor Community of Benue State’ (1988).  A Dissertation to the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria.


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