Cathy Green

Technical Lead, Community Health Systems and Gender

Cathy Green is a social development and health systems consultant with extensive experience in the health sector. She has worked in a senior advisory capacity for several large health systems strengthening programmes over the last decade. She has 18 years of experience supporting the design, appraisal and evaluation of health systems strengthening, maternal, newborn and child health, reproductive and sexual health, primary health care, malaria, and eye care projects and programmes in Africa and Asia. She is a specialist in partnership development and engagement strategies.

Key areas of Cathy’s expertise include:

  • Demand-side interventions to improve MNCH
  • Voice and accountability
  • Gender analysis
  • Institutional capacity building
  • Community health and participation
  • Community monitoring systems
  • Participatory training approaches
  • Qualitative research

Background and relevant experience

Most recently Cathy was the lead technical adviser for the More Mobilising Access to Maternal Health Services, Zambia (MORE MAMaZ) programme funded by Comic Relief, playing a key role in formulating the overall programme approach and lead community engagement adviser to it’s predecessor, the UK aid-funded Moblising Access to Maternal Health Services, Zambia (MAMaZ) programme.

Cathy provided ongoing technical advisory support in social development (community engagement; institutional capacity building; health equity) to the Partnership for Reviving Routine Immunisation in Northern Nigeria / Maternal Newborn and Child Health (PRRINN-MNCH) Programme in Nigeria funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) over the seven year period of the programme. She played a key role in helping to formulate the programme’s community engagement approach and supported its implementation.

Between 2003-2008, Cathy provided technical advisory support in health and social development to the Partnership for Transforming Health Systems 1 (PATHS 1) programme in Nigeria, funded by DFID. She undertook a wide range of short-term consultancy assignments for the programme. These included: design and ongoing support to a safe motherhood increasing access initiative; strategic support for the repositioning of the State Ministry of Health and Social Welfare in Jigawa; support for the design and implementation of an exemption and deferral mechanism; and social development advisory support to stakeholder workshops on child health, improving quality of care, strengthening health management, and drug revolving funds.

Cathy provided ongoing strategic support in gender and health to the Department of Planning and Finance, MOH, Vientiane, Laos through the ADB-funded Health Systems Development Project between 2009-2010. She designed a training workshop on gender and health equity for Provincial Health Office staff with Lao Women’s Union; produced a Gender and Health Equity Profile of Lao PDR; advised MOH on the integration of gender and other equity issues into health planning; assessed feasibility of and built consensus around the need to strengthen HMIS from equity perspective; and supported the Department of Personnel within MOH to mainstream a focus on health equity into the National Human Resources for Health Policy and Strategy.

Between 2002-2005 Cathy provided technical and project management support to the Gender and Health Equity Network (GHEN), a partnership concerned with developing and implementing policies to improve gender and health equity in resource-constrained environments.

Cathy’s other work has included a review of social development technical assistance provided to the Health and Population Sector Programme in Bangladesh; provision of social development support to a hospital reform programme in Malawi; review of a health equity fund implemented by the Malawian NGO Banja La Banja La Mtsogolo; review and restructuring of a web-based dossier on meeting the health-related needs of the very poor; production of a social appraisal for the project design of a £30m Health Commodities Project in Nigeria; social development inputs to a Peer and Participatory Rapid Hospital Appraisal for Action (PPRHAA) process at three referral hospitals in Tanzania; the evaluation of community-based rehabilitation projects supported by Sight Savers International in Bangladesh; and desk-based reviews of current thinking in the area of community monitoring and health committees.

Previously Cathy worked as a social development consultant and projects manager with Options Consultancy Services (1996−2000), formerly DFID’s Resource Centre in Reproductive Health and Population, and as a consultant and researcher in gender analysis and development at the Institute of Development Studies, UK (1993−1994).

Selected presentations, publications and reports


Operationalising “leave no one behind”: an example in Zambia

Addressing violence against women and girls in Zambia through a community health systems strengthening initiative

Leaving no-one behind: focusing on women with the least social support

A training approach for community health volunteers which meets the needs of adult learners


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