Campbell Katito

Technical Advisor, Health Systems Strengthening

Dr Campbell Katito is a Zimbabwean Health Systems Strengthening Expert. He is a medical doctor specialised in Public Health. He has over 25 years’ experience working in resource constrained environments strengthening health systems, particularly in Southern Africa. Campbell’s areas of expertise include the management of health systems, the decentralisation of health services, the coordination and implementation of health policy reforms, strategic planning, and the development of capacity building initiatives and training plans.

Campbell is currently working as Health Systems Strengthening Manager on the Health Pooled Fund in South Sudan where the main focus is to strengthen the Ministry of Health at County and State level to manage the present health system from an NGO led system to a Ministry of Health led system. This involves capacity building of these decentralised health teams in all the health systems pillars of Health Systems Strengthening.

He worked in Lesotho as Team Leader of the Health Systems Strengthening Project, funded by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC). During that period he was responsible for overseeing the development of a retention strategy of the workforce in Lesotho, the strengthening of the supportive supervision of District Health Management Teams, the performance management system nationally and for District Health Teams, and the plan for integrating Health Management Information Systems. He provided Quality Assurance for programme components, and oversaw the five year continued education implementation programme.

Prior to this, Campbell served as the Operations Manager responsible for coordinating and overseeing the implementation of Lesotho’s Health Sector Reforms funded by a pool of Health Development Partners which included the World Bank, African Development Bank, Irish Aid, WHO, UN agencies, USAID and the European Union. He successfully coordinated and programme managed health sector reforms, including de-centralisation of services and supply and management of pharmaceuticals. He also developed the Total Quality Management process at central level to support senior management for the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare which ensured leadership and governance for the reforms implementation. He also was an Advisor to the Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.

In Namibia as a Long Term Health Technical Advisor, Campbell worked at all tiers of the health system including building capacity of District and Regional Health Teams and provided technical assistance to the national level in setting up the Decentralisation Unit.

As a doctor by training, Campbell has also worked as clinician, part-time general private practitioner, District Medical Officer, epidemiologist, honorary lecturer in Public Health at the Medical School in Zimbabwe and Provincial Medical Director in government service in Zimbabwe. He has provided technical assistance at all tiers of the health system, including the central, intermediary (provincial) and district levels.