Technical Team

HPI’s Technical Team are health and development professionals with considerable practical experience and a strong commitment to health service development. The Technical Team have a wide variety of expertise, ranging from systems and governance, to gender equity and health financing.

Our team have collaborated for many years and work with numerous core consultants.  Please click on a profile to find out more.

Fatima Adamu: Education for Women in Health

Adetoro Adegoke: Reproductive, maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent health

Sofo Ali-Akpajiak: Institutional and management strengthening

William Anyebe: Health sector capacity building and management

Carole Baekey: Health policy, legislation and ethics

Elodie Brandamir: HPI Associate, HIV and malaria

Gerald Bloom: Health systems and research

Idris Garba: Health systems management

Maryanne Goldsmith: HPI Associate, Operational Management

Cathy Green: Health systems and social development

Bryan Haddon: Governance, health systems and management

Lauren Haddon: HPI Associate, Programme Management

Jan Hofman: HPI Associate, Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health

Jan Huijs: Healthcare technology management and sterilization of medical supplies

Richard Johnson: HPI Associate, Health Systems and Governance

Campbell Katito: HPI Associate, Health Systems Strengthening

Rodion Kraus: Health planning, public health and management

Tendayi Kureya: HPI Associate, Information and Policy

Anne McArthur-Lloyd: HPI Associate, Immunisation

Diarmuid McClean: Health planning, international health and management

Andrew McKenzie: Health sector governance and health systems development

Jeffrey Mecaskey: Health economics and planning

Sunil Mehra: Health systems development, communicable diseases and communications

Ike Osakwe: Governance and financial management

Paula Quigley: Public health & reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health

Pieter de Ruijter: Healthcare technology management

Michael Siebert: Human resources planning and hospital management

Garth Singleton: Health economics, monitoring and evaluation

Emmanuel Sokpo: Health sector management and quality assurance

Miniratu Soyoola: Social development and health

Georgia Taylor: Gender, sexual reproductive health and rights


HPI’s Technical Team, except those employed by HPI, are independent contractors and HPI recognises and respects that some may work with, be involved with and/or have obligations to other organisations, including some who may be competitors with HPI for work or projects.  In particular HPI respects the professional discretion of its Technical Team and any obligations they may have with other organisations to maintain confidentiality.