Contract Management

HPI Partners, in-country managers and staff collaborate for effective and efficient programme delivery in all the countries where we work.

An HPI Partner leads each programme, providing managerial and technical oversight. Implementation of programmes is usually organised by an in-country team, headed by a Programme Manager. The UK office provides contract management support, including quality control of reports liaison with funders, administrative support and international logistics.

  • Rodion Kraus, Managing Director
  • Lauren Haddon, Chief Operating Officer
  • Naomi Barnard, Head of Programmes
  • Maryanne Goldsmith, Operations Manager
  • Elodie Brandamir, Senior Programme Manager
  • Neil Alexander, Programme Support Manager
  • Clare Callow, Programme Support Manager
  • Tammy McCann, Programme Support Manager
  • Helena Raijas, Project Support Officer
  • Catherine Kraus, Project Support Officer