HPI Partners

We are an international partnership, owned and managed by the people who do the work. HPI Partners are health and development professionals with considerable practical experience and a strong commitment to health service development.

HPI Partners, drawn from 13 countries, have collaborated for many years and work with numerous associate consultants. HPI shares are held by its Partners, permanent staff and associate consultants.

Sofo Ali-Akpajiak: Institutional and management strengthening

William Anyebe: Health sector capacity building and management

Carole Baekey: Health policy, legislation and ethics

Gerald Bloom: Health systems and research

Idris Garba: Health systems management

Cathy Green: Health systems and social development

Bryan Haddon: Governance, health systems and management

Jan Huijs: Healthcare technology management and sterilization of medical supplies

Rodion Kraus: Health planning, public health and management

Diarmuid McClean: Health planning, international health and management

Andrew McKenzie: Health sector governance and health systems development

Jeffrey Mecaskey: Health economics and planning

Sunil Mehra: Health systems development, communicable diseases and communications

Ike Osakwe: Governance and financial management

Paula Quigley: Public health & reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health

Pieter de Ruijter: Healthcare technology management

Michael Siebert: Human resources planning and hospital management

Garth Singleton: Health economics, monitoring and evaluation

Emmanuel Sokpo: Health sector management and quality assurance

Miniratu Soyoola: Social development and health

Georgia Taylor: Gender, sexual reproductive health and rights