Strengthening of a health management information system, Zambia

Under the Poverty Reduction Budget Support (PRBS), the European Union provides substantial funds to Zambia for poverty reduction. The Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) emphasises health and has a number of indicators to monitor the health sector in line with the National Health Strategic Plan 2006-11.

As part of this, Health Partners International (HPI) was contracted to help the Zambia Ministry of Health set up a modern, integrated health management information systems (HMIS) database that would be flexible, user-friendly and able to handle all necessary data sources.

The main objective was to improve the effectiveness of health care delivery through the strengthening of HMIS.

HPI is providing a number of inputs to the ministry of health. These have included:

  • a project coordinator who provides overall technical support to the project
  • a procurement specialist who developed the specifications for the technical infrastructure necessary for the HMIS database
  • a training specialist who assisted in the development and delivery of pre-service and in-service training programmes for HMIS personnel and other health professionals.