Rural Health Project Support Facility, China

The China Rural Health project provided support to forty rural counties in the development and testing of cost-effective, sustainable models to improve the delivery of health services. The objectives were to improve access to effective services in these counties and contribute to the implementation of nation-wide health reforms by generating systematic lessons from the experience. It was funded by the Government of China, a World Bank loan and a grant from the UK Department of International Development.

The China Rural Health Project was implemented in the context of major health policy statements and substantial commitments of government funds aimed at improving the quality of medical care and public health services, reducing its cost to the community and increasing access to effective services, particularly in rural areas.

Health Partners International, in partnership with the Institute of Development Studies and YozuMannion, provided technical assistance to the China Rural Health Project through a Project Support Facility. The Project Support Facility was responsible for providing those responsible for leading and guiding the implementation of the project with access to international experience and expertise. The Project Support Facility organised training courses, study tours and short visits by international experts.