Review & Costing of Nutrition Policies & Plans

HPI has provided technical support in strengthening the nutrition enabling environment across 17 Department for International Development (DfID) priority countries by supporting the review of nutrition policies, action plans and providing recommendations for their improvement.

Under the Maximising Quality of Scaling Up of Nutrition framework contract, HPI supported the costing of multi-sectoral national nutrition plans to support the leveraging of a global resource commitment for nutrition at the G8 Nutrition for Growth event in 2013.

Facilitated by PATH, MQSUN partners HPI and ICFI provided technical assistance to the Scaling Up Nutrition, or SUN, movement Secretariat to build an analytical approach for conducting cost analyses of national nutrition plans. SUN is a global movement founded on the principle that all people have a right to food and good nutrition. It unites people—from governments, civil society, the United Nations, donors, businesses and researchers—in a collective effort to improve nutrition.

In this first phase of support, desk reviews were conducted for the costed plans that were submitted to the SUN movement Secretariat. The outputs and analyses produced in this phase supported various SUN and DfID activities and events, such as the Brussels Scaling-Up Nutrition Senior-Level Meeting in March 2013. The analytical tool and methodologies prepared during Phase I of the work assisted in the identification of gaps in nutrition plans and led to further refinements in the costing tool during Phase II work.

In Phase II, the MQSUN team supported the finalisation of the analytical framework and methodological approach by piloting the costing tool in Kenya and conducting additional desk reviews. During this phase, remote support was provided to 21+ countries in preparation for the Nutrition for Growth event organized in London on June 8 in conjunction with the London G8 summit.  Support provided for this event focused on: defining national commitments (current and projected); defining external commitments (current and projected); and establishing an agreed estimated financing gaps for nutrition for the countries that shared their costed plans with the SUN Movement Secretariat. Additionally, field visit support was provided to selected SUN countries for the preparation of the Nutrition for Growth event.

As a result of the Nutrition for Growth event, donors secured new commitments of up to £2.7 billion ($4.15 billion) to tackle undernutrition up to 2020.

Health Partners International is part of a consortium led by PATH and established in 2012 to assist with the urgent task of scaling up UK aid nutrition-specific and nutrition–sensitive programmes.

HPI consultant, Kate Godden, provides technical oversight to our MQSUN assignments, along with HPI Partners Jeffrey W Mecaskey and Paula Quigley.