Increasing access strategy for safe motherhood services – Nigeria

Increasing access strategy for safe motherhood services – Nigeria

In Kano State, Nigeria, Health Partners International worked with government, private sector and civil society stakeholders to progress the design of an overarching strategy to increase access to services related to safe motherhood.

Our consultant provided advice on:

  • how to coordinate the work at state level
  • how to agree a process for, and begin the work of identifying, key partners to implement the strategy
  • how to devise a guide to implementation.

A stakeholder workshop was held during which the main components of the strategy were agreed.

The strategy addressed the key barriers related to awareness, affordability and access that prevent timely utilisation of emergency maternal health services, and that contribute to the extremely high maternal mortality ratio in Kano.

We are also providing ongoing institutional capacity-building support to the Kano State Increasing Access Co-ordinating Group in order to strengthen its capacity to manage implementation of the strategy.