Partnership for Transforming Health Systems 1, Nigeria

The innovative Partnership for Transforming Health Systems 1 (PATHS 1) Programme was established in Nigeria in 2002, funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) until 2008.

It supported local initiatives to strengthen government stewardship in health policy, planning and financing; improve management in public health, particularly at local level; raise quality standards of preventative and curative services, particularly in the areas of malaria, TB, reproductive health and sexually transmitted infections, safe motherhood and childhood illnesses;and raise awareness of people’s entitlement to good quality, affordable care and increase their ability to prevent and manage certain health conditions.

Health Partners International (HPI) was a core part of the implementation consortium and led on providing technical support for systems strengthening and social development activities.

In Nigeria, a traditionally challenging working environment, the PATHS 1 process, aided by early, intensive engagement with a wide range of stakeholders, was very successful. For example, there was a dramatic increase in the use of district hospitals, the use of emergency obstetric care, and in immunization rates; while in policy, consensus was built around the need for pro-poor and equitable health services.

HPI was directly involved in the following initiatives under this programme and developed the technical briefs and end of programme documentation.

PATHS 1 initiatives

  • Institutional analysis of the public health sector
  • Restructuring and repositioning of Jigawa State Ministry of Health
  • Strengthening health management information systems
  • Increasing awareness of and support for DHS implementation
  • Supporting the provision of free health services
  • Strengthening health committees
  • Introducing Drug Revolving Funds
  • Managing health safety net schemes
  • Review of good practice in increasing access to safe motherhood services
  • Increasing access strategy for safe motherhood services
  • Options for expanding a safe motherhood emergency transport scheme
  • Feasibility study looking at the provision of free emergency obstetric care (EOC) services
  • Assisting Benue State to develop a medium-term strategic health plan
  • Health systems and social development support in the strategic planning process of health services
  • Drafting state legislation