Mid-term review of initiatives funded under Global Fund, South Africa

HPI conducted the mid-term review of initiatives funded under Global Fund Round VI (2011-2012) in South Africa and aimed to assess impact on the expansion of services and strengthening of systems for the implementation of the government’s plan for HIV & AIDS.

The assessment included a review of management and institutional arrangements for programme implementation and identified lessons learned to be fed into the remainder of the programme. Conclusions included recommendations to: leverage learning across all sectors, rolling-out effective pilot projects into public sector practice, and influencing policy to shift national standards and practice; ensure comprehensive, realistic and financially viable exit strategies are a requirement of proposals from participating sub recipients; include qualitative indicators to measure emerging outcomes and effective processes for beneficiaries as part of routine monitoring; and provide resources to conduct qualitative monitoring and evaluation.

Assessments on outcomes, impact and sustainability were to: continue to prioritise a central, coherent national mass media communication strategy for sexual and reproductive health; prioritise the programming of the inclusion of boys and men in outreach efforts, testing and individual discussions; address issues of gender inequality and gender-based violence in all HIV and AIDS programmes; establish mechanisms for on-going funding of NGO-facilitated testing services, including funding of home HIV Counselling and Testing; and budget and plan for rigorous, continuous research on behaviour change as an integral part of any stigma reduction intervention.

This mid-term review was conducted by Health Partners South Africa, a wholly owned subsidiary of Health Partners International.