Mid-Term Evaluation of the Barbados Health Programme, Barbados

The European Commission provided funds for the Mid-term evaluation of the European Development Fund Barbados Health Programme (BHP).

The overall objective of the evaluation was to make on independent assessment with regard to the performance of the project thus far, to identify areas of significant challenge and make practical recommendations for mitigation.

HPI provided technical support in the following areas:

  • commenting on the relevance and design of the programme
  • assessing the progress and efficiency of implementation of the activities
  • assessing the effectiveness and impact of the programme to date
  • assessing the appropriateness of the refocusing of the programme into 5 high impact areas by the consultants providing technical assistance to the Ministry of Health
  • determining the extent to which health sector reform and operational changes at the Ministry of Health have been effective in improving management efficiency and activity implementation
  • examining the relevance of the programme in the context of public sector reform
  • examining the steps undertaken by the Government of Barbados with regard to the commitments made in the Health Sector
  • making specific recommendations for improvements in the overall implementation of the programme over the time remaining and for the long term sustainability of the Barbados Health Programme’s achievements in the sector.