Lot 1 Studies and Technical Assistance Framework Contract

Health Partners International (HPI) is the lead health sector member of the SACO Consortium (led by SAFEGE/COWI), which holds a European Union Lot 1 Framework Contract: Studies and technical assistance in all sectors.

Technical assistance focuses on:

  • health
  • social development/ employment/ eradication of poverty
  • food security
  • development policies
  • education
  • civil society
  • human rights
  • governance/ state reform/ security
  • migration
  • trade/ development of the private sector
  • rural development
  • environment/ climate/ natural resources/ energy

The SACO Consortium includes 13 partner organisations from Europe. The SACO Consortium has been in operation since February 2011. Four Consortia are called upon to submit offers on competitive basis for specific assignments procured under the Framework Contract.