Improving Maintenance Services for Family Planning 2, Nepal

This project builds on the previous Improving Maintenance Services for Family Planning which ran from November 2009 to September 2012. The Government of Nepal adopted a Health Care Technology Policy which included strategies on strengthening physical assets management software, on supporting institutional capacity building by establishing a separate unit responsible for planning, programming, budgeting and monitoring of acquisition and management of equipment. These strategies form the basis of this follow on project, which focuses on the availability of functional medical equipment in public health facilities.

The specific objective of this project  is to establish a framework that allows for effective and efficient maintenance of medical equipment through the outsourcing of services to the private sector and capacity development within the Department of Health Services and the Ministry of Health and Population to effectively monitor the performance of private -service providers.

HPI is assisting the Government of Nepal to scale up this outsourcing model for the maintenance of medical equipment nationwide using HPI’s Asset Management Software (PLAMAHS). The project is funded by KfW.

HPI Technical Lead – Pieter de Ruijter