Health Laws Review and Development, Lesotho

Health Partners International worked with the Lesotho Ministry of Health and Social Welfare to review and develop its health laws to provide for effective governance, which is at the core of all cross-cutting public health policy and legislation.

Following consultation with all relevant stakeholders, HPI submitted two draft Health Bills with accompanying Draft Regulations to the Lesotho government.

The Public Health Bill aimed to repeal the Public Health Order of 1970. Key components included:

  • to provide for effective governance of public, private, non-governmental and charitable health service delivery in the Kingdom of Lesotho to realise the obligation for the protection of health in terms of the Lesotho Constitution (Commencement) Order, 1993
  • to provide for health financing
  • to provide for the decentralisation of health services
  • to provide for the optimal utilisation of human resources within the public health system
  • to provide for an effective health management information system
  • to provide for the enhancement of effective pharmaceutical and health laboratory services management.

The Health Professions Act aimed:

  • to establish the Health Professions Board of Lesotho and Councils
  • to provide for the regulation of the education, training and registration for and practising of health professions registered under this Act
  • to provide for the responsibility of the Health Professions Board and Councils in supporting the Ministry for Health and Social Welfare and other health stakeholders to strengthen the health system in Lesotho.

The project was funded by the World Bank between June 2011 and September 2012. The Bills and regulations were finalised and submitted to the Lesotho Ministry of Health and Social Welfare in the second half of 2012.