Final Evaluation of Support to the National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan, Trinidad and Tobago

The EC funded project Support to National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan, was designed to support the implementation of Government of Trinidad and Tobago’s (GORTT) HIV/AIDS National Strategic Plan 2004-2008, which structures and co-ordinates the national response to HIV/AIDS. The overall objective of the Support to National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan was to contribute to the reduction and prevention of the spread of HIV/AIDS and to mitigate the negative impact of HIV/AIDS on persons infected and affected in Trinidad and Tobago.

The purpose of the project was to provide support to the National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan of Trinidad and Tobago in five priority areas: Prevention of the spread of HIV/AIDS; Treatment, care and support; Advocacy and Human Rights; Programme management, Coordination and Evaluation; and Implementation of the Tobago response. Due to late start of the programme, no Mid Term Review was conducted. Annual monitoring visits were conducted in 2007 and 2008.

HPI conducted a Final evaluation to assess the results and impact of the project in comparison to its original objectives.