Evaluation of the Health Partnership Scheme

The Health Partnership Scheme (HPS), is a key DFID programme which aims to address the critical health worker needs in developing countries. HPS supports partnerships between UK health institutions and those in low income countries, through health service skills transfer and capacity development.

The summative evaluation of HPS (Jan 2016 – Aug 2016, DFID GEFA/THET) uses a multi-level based framework to assess the impact and effectiveness of the programme and its progress towards achieving desired outcomes and its impact. Additionally it will recommend how to strengthen programme monitoring and evaluation in order to improve the robust monitoring system for the remaining programme implementation and inform design and monitoring approaches to health partnership programmes more generally.

HPI is conducting a systematic in-depth analysis of the qualitative aspects which will inform wider lesson learning about building health worker capacity in developing countries and the reciprocal benefits of partnerships in the UK.

The evaluation will comprise three phases, mirroring from the inception and detailed design, through data collection and coding, to analysis and reporting:

Phase 1: Evaluation design and inception – this will be a participatory design process that builds on and expands existing review mechanisms and involves the key stakeholders to support learning and buy-in. The key outputs will be an evaluability assessment report, an agreed in-depth evaluation design and an engagement, communication and dissemination strategy.

Phase 2: Data collection – will be a variety of complementary and innovative methods will be applied to generate additional data to support the existing monitoring data. These will include both quantitative and qualitative methods, including compilation of datasets, aggregation of performance, and in-depth exploration of the factors behind successes and challenges through a range of interactive means. We propose an iterative approach with participants, in which they are involved in reviewing and shaping the emerging themes.

Phase 3: Analysis and reporting – the final phase will draw together the information and collate it into clear and systematic analyses with frequent opportunities for stakeholder feedback and participation.

HPS is under the Global Evaluation Services Framework Agreement (GEFA) and is managed by Tropical Health Education Trust (THET). HPI is a core partner providing technical support working in collaboration with IPE Triple Line.