Evaluation of Maternal Newborn and Child Health Programme, Zimbabwe

Currently, under the Global Evaluation Services Framework Agreement (GEFA), HPI is sub-contracted by OPM to provide focused MNCH evaluation expertise to support the overall evaluation of the DFID-funded Maternal Newborn and Child Health (MNCH) programme in Zimbabwe (2012-2017). The programme’s aim is to reduce maternal, newborn and child mortality across Zimbabwe and it has a total budget of £94 million from 2012-2017. Until the end of 2015, there were four principal components: contribution to the Health Transition Fund (a pooled fund managed by UNICEF); Antiretrovirals (ARV) procurement through USAID; support to paediatric ARV treatment through the Elizabeth Glazier Paediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF); and supporting demand and accountability for services through greater citizen engagement, implemented by Save the Children. From the start of 2016, the Health Transition Fund became the Health Development Fund and all DFID funds are channelled through this mechanism.

The goal of the accompanying evaluation is to assess the impacts of DFID Zimbabwe’s MNCH programme and the outcomes which can be specifically attributed to DFID. The evaluation is divided into three workstreams – the first is a peer review of the Health Transition Fund evaluation conducted by Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM), the second an in-depth impact evaluation on ‘Demand and Accountability of Services’ and the third, a series of independent annual programme reviews. The aim is to make workable recommendations on how to support health sector sustainability in Zimbabwe. Thus, as well as assessing attribution, the evaluation will make judgements on DFID’s contribution to improving coordination in the health sector, the value for money obtained in the programme, the appropriateness of support modalities and the robustness of programme management, gathering learning points from all aspects of the programme.

Dr Paula Quigley, HPI’s Technical Lead for RMNCAH is the programme’s MNCH Adviser.