A selection of health related development terms.

Basket fund arrangements – Basket fund arrangements or joint financing mechanisms are when multiple parties contribute funds to a common polled account:
– Financial arrangements may include setting up a subsidiary accounts to fund clusters of activities within the area.
– The challenge is for all those involved to agree to basic principles on institutional management, both technical and administrative, and basket fund management.
– The beneficiary institution builds its management capacity, especially with regard to results-based management principles and practices.

Demand-side financing schemes – The demand-side financing approach in health involves channeling a part of government subsidy for health services directly to households allowing them to purchase health services themselves. Subsidising demand among the poor for specific health services of known cost-effectiveness, whilst allowing a competitive market for its provision, may be more beneficial than using the same resources by subsidising supply. By introducing market mechanisms, this approach alters the incentives for health providers, resulting in increased efficiency, improved service quality and responsiveness thereby providing value for money service.

Direct budget support – Direct budget support is a form of programmatic aid in which:
– Funds are provided in support of a government programme that focuses on growth and poverty reduction, and transforming institutions, especially budgetary.
– The funds are provided to a partner government to spend using its own financial management and accountability systems.

Health safety nets – Health safety nets assist vulnerable people to cope with health service and associated costs, such as the costs of transport to and from and health facility, or exempt the very poor from health charges altogether such as free maternal and child health care.

Mother and child health (MNCH) – Maternal and child health means ensuring that all women receive the care they need to be safe and healthy throughout pregnancy and childbirth, promoting antenatal care and child survival.

Performance driven programme support – Performance driven programme support is financial assistance for a particular sector linked to outputs and indicators.

Safe motherhood – Safe motherhood encompasses social and cultural factors, as well as addresses health systems and health policy relating to maternal health. Indicators used to measure maternal health include skilled attendance at birth, contraceptive prevalence rates and maternal mortality and morbidity. Improving maternal health is one of the eight Millenium Development Goals.

Sector wide approach (SWAp) – A sector wide approach is a process that entails all significant donor funding for a sector supporting a single, comprehensive sector policy and expenditure programme, consistent with a sound macro-economic framework, under recipient government leadership.

Donor support for a sector wide approach can take any form, suhc as project aid, technical assistance or budgetary support, although there should be a commitment to progressive reliance on government procedures to disburse and account for all funds as these procedures are strengthened.