ICT for Human Resources

Our ICT for Human Resources are comprehensive software tools to inform human resource decision-making

Human resources (HR) play an important role in the delivery of quality and efficient public services. Poor administration and planning can lead to several negative consequences:

  • Unwarranted expenditure on staff costs.
  • Maldistribution of workers in terms of numbers and skills.
  • Ineffective performance management that results in low worker morale, poor attitudes and suboptimal service quality.
  • Poor planning leads to staff shortages and inevitable service delivery bottlenecks.

We have developed a sophisticated HR software suite that equips government departments and facilities with data and information to make operational and strategic decisions concerning human resources.

The HR software suite comprises of three tools: HR Admin, HR Skills Surveyor and HR Planner. These tools improve human resource administration, management and planning. They can be used independently or together. The tools have been developed based on the learning of more than 20 years of practical experience in the field, acquired by HPI’s technical leads or how to build sustainable capacity amongst country leaders and health managers.

HR Admin Tool

HR Admin is a stand-alone, web-based tool that supports data collection, analysis and reporting of employee information.

It provides human resource managers with real-time accurate information on employees. This helps with operational decision-making and leads to the development of a national human resource inventory.

HR Admin also integrates into HR Planner to inform strategic or national decision-making.

HR Admin simplifies the following 4 functions:

  • Employee administration– all personal and other relevant details of each employee.
  • Performance management and development – tracks staff development and training.
  • Career progression – monitors appointment, redeployment and contract termination.
  • Leave management – assists with leave planning to avoid staff shortages.

Click here to read the HRAdmin2 user manual adapted for the PRRINN-MNCH programme in Nigeria.

HR Skills Surveyor Tool

HR Skills Surveyor is an open-source desktop-based tool that supports data collection, analysis and reporting in support of skills auditing.

It provides human resource managers with the data to inform operational decision-making and support the creation of a skills development plan. The tool integrates competency frameworks for each post level and supports identification of skills gaps from individuals and units.

HR Skills Surveyor can be used as a stand-alone or integrated product with HR Planner.

HR Planner Tool

HR Planner is a custom-built desktop tool that assists with analysis, modelling and reporting of human resource data to inform a national or district-wide human resource action plan.

This strategic decision- making tool supports HR managers and policy makers to develop a costed, rationalised staffing structure.

The HR Planner tool is implemented in conjunction with a comprehensive training and support package comprised of technical assistance and training.

HR Planner supports in the following areas:

  • Conducts comparative analysis of current staff levels, utilisation, distribution and skills according to norms, the service delivery framework and geographical locations.
  • Models various scenarios based on budget variables.
  • Generates a variety of reports to inform planning and management, including organograms.
  • Performs strategic human resource modelling based on scenario reporting.

HR Tools in Action

Country: Nigeria
Scope: Four states in northern Nigeria
Timeline: 2006 – 2014
Partners: Health Partners International (Lead), Grid Consulting Ltd, Save the Children
Funder: UK aid / Norweigian Government

The Partnership for Reviving Routine Immunization in Northern Nigeria/Maternal Newborn and Child Health programme used HR Admin and HR Planner tools to capture baseline employee information, plan for equitable distribution of health workers within the available budget and support administration of human resources.

With the use of the our software tools, we focused on strengthening human resource administration and planning, including the following:

    • Reviewed the distribution and utilisation of human resources involved in health, within the context of the minimum health package.
    • Assessed human resource distribution against the number and types of PHC facilities and hospitals in each state.
    • Identified human resource gaps and developed strategies to resolve them.
    • Identified critical human resource issues that need to be addressed to improve the availability, utilisation and management of personnel.

Other settings where our HR Tools can be used

Our tools are transferable to any public institution. Some areas include:

  • Health services
  • Water and sanitation
  • Education
  • Public works
  • Agriculture and environmental affairs

If you would to learn more about our HR tools watch our 5 minute video which explains how our HR tools work to improve human resource functions.

For more information download:

  1. HR Tools Fast Fact Sheet – a quick overview of all our tools
  2. HR Tools Technical Brochure – a comprehensive overview of all our tools

Or contact us if you have any unanswered questions or would like to speak to us to explore opportunities, please contact Michael Siebert– Technical Lead, Human Resources Planning and Management on info@healthpartners-int.co.uk