ICT for Asset Planning and Management

Our ICT for Asset Planning and Management comprise of software tools promote the safe and functional use of physical health assets.

Health assets (equipment, consumables, utilities and infrastructure) are crucial to the functioning of the health system. People attending health facilities in low and middle-income countries, are affected daily by missing, non-functional or inappropriate technology hindering them from receiving necessary procedures to diagnose or manage their condition.

Poor management of health technology affects the quality, efficiency and sustainability of health services at all levels of the healthcare system. Several aspects of health technology management remain a challenge:

  • Planning and acquisition of physical assets to support quality health service delivery is a complex process.
  • Physical asset utilisation requires ongoing capital investment to ensure it remains functional.
  • Preventative maintenance is required at regular intervals to ensure the maximum lifespan of assets and reduce the safety risks to staff and patients.
  • Clear policies, technical guidance and practical tools are imperative to ensure that staff from frontline to managerial level is competent.

Our Asset Planning and Management software suite, known as PLAMAHS, informs planning and management of physical assets (equipment, infrastructure and vehicles).

The tool benefits managers and policy makers as it informs the development of a national asset inventory,
 a prioritised model asset list based on the minimum service delivery package and a preventative maintenance plan.

The PLAMAHS suite consists of two applications:

PLAMAHS Online Application

The PLAMAHS online application is a web-based tool that supports mobile data collection of all national assets and monitoring maintenance functions including approvals, repairs and spare part consumption.

It includes standard operating procedures for preventative maintenance. It can hold the standard operating procedures for preventative maintenance. Photos of equipment and spare parts can be combined with the inventory information.

PLAMAHS Desktop Application

The PLAMAHS Desktop Application is an advanced analytical and modelling tool that supports the development of a costed and prioritised model asset list, tender specifications and preventative maintenance plan.

PLAMAHS implementation is supported by a comprehensive service package, including technical assistance and training.

PLAMAHS Online In Action

Country: Nepal
Scope: Countrywide
Timeline: 2009 – 2017
Sector Programme Health and Family Planning
Partners: Management 4Health (Lead), Health Partners International (HPI)

The successful use of PLAMAHS Desktop was seen in the pilot phase of the Consulting Services for Maintenance Management and Services project, to keep the inventory and maintenance status and work history of two regions in Nepal has been expanded to a countrywide programme.

The use of the browser based PLAMAHS Online facilitates more accurate recording and much faster exchange of inventory and maintenance data.

By replacing the paper based data collection and introducing web based daily data updates the process of maintenance job registrations and the four-step approval process has been reduced from 3 months to 3 days. The database provides the Ministry of Health with an accurate Inventory overview and a powerful maintenance management tool to oversee the maintenance procedures.

If you have any unanswered questions or would like to speak to us to explore opportunities, please contact Pieter de Ruijter – Technical Lead, Healthcare Technology & ICT on info@healthpartners-int.co.uk