E-Learning System

Our E-Learning System (ELS) provides access to quality education in low-resource settings. ELS is a low-cost software and hardware solution that enhances accessibility to a quality online e-learning environment.

Watch: Our 3 minute video explains how ELS functions to improve access to training and learning

There are many factors in low and middle income countries that continue to present challenges to access to learning and education. Quality, affordable and up-to-date education remains a luxury for many people in low-income countries. Lectures or training sessions often take place in person. This means either the trainer or student has to travel to several different locations. The quality of training is inconsistent and content is often outdated. Electricity shortages and poor internet connectivity hinder the effective use of information and communication technologies (ICT). Reliable electricity supply and internet connectivity are expensive and difficult to maintain.

E-Learning System at a glance

ELS combines an open-source software platform (Moodle) with HPI’s innovative integrated hardware solution. This enables functionality in the most resource-constraint environments.

ELS benefits students by providing interactive online learning materials via desktop or mobile phone. Students can self-direct their learning and gain support from the best-in-class remote tutors or trainers.

ELS benefits training institutions as its novel infrastructure reduces data costs threefold per student. Power consumption is reduced eleven-fold as compared to conventional e-learning systems. Since it is solar-powered, it remains functional despite power outages.

ELS provides support in six areas:

  • Delivers customised, interactive, high quality online courses, unlimited by slow internet speeds.
  • Supports trainers/teachers to deliver content and assess progress remotely via online assessments.
  • Gives students/trainees access to the system either in a classroom or via their mobile phone.
  • Supports all functions of training, including discussion groups, monitoring and student assessments.
  • Hardware supports up to 12 hours of desktop usage.
  • Data is secure and locally hosted.

E-Learning System in Action

Country: Nigeria
Scope: Five states in northern Nigeria, 19 Health Training Instititutions in rural areas
Timeline: 2012 – ongoing
Partners: Health Partners International (Lead), Grid Consulting Ltd, Save the Children
Funder: UK aid

Health Partners International first developed the E-Learning System (ELS) as part of the Women for Health (W4H) programme activities to improve the quality of education and training nursing and midwifery students received.

Electricity shortages and expensive internet costs were overcome by the installation of solar-powered classrooms in Health Training Institutes.

Usage increased from 2 to 12 hours per day and internet-associated costs per user reduced to £4 per year. Tutors are now trained to develop their own e-learning courses and local ICT capacity has been built to support the maintenance of the system.

Watch our 2 minute video: A cost-effective e-learning solution for rural Nigeria

If you would like to learn more about our E-learning system:

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  2. Contact us: If you have any unanswered questions or would like to speak to us to explore opportunities, please contact Pieter de Ruijter – Technical Lead, Healthcare Technology & ICT on info@healthpartners-int.co.uk