E – Health

Our e – health innovations are designed to meet the needs of clients and country partners operating in low-resource settings.

Our senior technical experts have developed our healthcare technology and information and communication technology (HPI ICT) solutions based on their extensive experience of working in the field.

The e-health solutions we provide are accessible, affordable and robust.

Supportive Software Platforms

Our software platforms support training, health systems management and community participation.

We only make use of open-source software to avoid costly annual licensing fees and reduce the cost of development. All platforms can be tailored to our client’s needs. Our platform types include:

Health System Management – Software that integrates different data sources for data-driven decision-making for health system managers. Read more about:

Training Support – Quality online training courses facilitated by an e-learning platform for health workers, health administrators and students. Read more about:

Community-based platforms – Mobile applications that enable real-time data collection and analysis at community level.  Read more about:

Novel Hardware Systems

We have developed our own hardware systems that can function in settings with energy and internet shortcomings. Our hardware systems have the following qualities:

  • Energy efficient – By using energy-efficient hardware, we reduce power consumption eleven-fold as compared to conventional systems.
  • Solar-powered – By enabling hardware to be solar-powered, hardware and internet can remain functional despite power outages.
  • Local-hosting – By enabling local hosting, all data is stored in-country and also accessible without an ongoing internet connection.
  • Low-carbon footprint – By reducing power consumption, our platforms are also friendly towards the environment.

For more information:

  1. Download our ICT Overview Brochure
  2. Contact us on info@healthpartners-int.co.uk