Roos Geutjes

Roos Geutjes is an e-learning consultant, specialised in working with Moodle. She is experienced in system configuration, course development and training. She has an MSc in Public Administration from the Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands and graduated in Public Private Partnerships. She is now active as an independent consultant specialising in e-learning, management information systems and software support. Roos is currently contracted by Health Partners International for projects in the UK and Africa.

E-Learning: From question mark to exclamation mark

After a twenty-five-hour trip because of a re-routing thanks to the French airport strikes, it felt extra nice to land at Kano airport again.  It was early in the morning and from the car I could view the sun starting to rise, shining on the acacia trees and colourfully dressed people who were starting their […]