Cathy Green

Cathy Green is Technical Lead for Community Health Systems, Gender and Empowerment. A social development expert with extensive experience in the health sector, she has 18 years of experience supporting the design, appraisal and evaluation of health systems strengthening, maternal, newborn and child health, reproductive and sexual health, primary health care, malaria, and eye care projects and programmes in Africa and Asia. She is a specialist in partnership development and engagement strategies.

Leaving no-one behind: focusing on women with the least social support

Current broad spectrum targeting efforts are failing to reach those who need the most support. An adaptive programming approach was employed to identify under-supported women and address the clustering of child death. The emphasis on reaching every woman and every child within the Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescent’s Health by 2030 is laudable. […]

A training approach for community health volunteers which meets the needs of adult learners

A training approach for community health volunteers increased skilled birth attendant rates in rural Zambia by 63 percent from baseline over a two-year period. The UK aid-funded Mobilising Access to Maternal Health Services in Zambia (MAMaZ) programme, implemented between 2010 – 2013, was set up to design and test innovative approaches to reduce demand-side barriers […]