Vision Mission and Values


A world where everyone has equal access to good standard health care.


Build effective and appropriate governance, systems and capacity to deliver high quality, sustainable health care that is accessible for all, especially poor and vulnerable people.


At Health Partners International we care about equitable health care, we partner to make a difference and innovate to find solutions and we enjoy our work. We are driven by these values and principles:

  • Build better, fairer and affordable health systems, accessible to all –strengthening systems for health so that they serve for those who need it most is at the very core of what we do and we are constantly striving to make this a reality.
  • Embrace the spirit of partnership in our activities together and with those we serve – we believe in enduring partnerships, based on mutual respect for the combination of skills, knowledge and experience that exist across the wealth of governments, businesses and civil society organisations.
  • Ensure high technical quality and an ethical approach in all our endeavours – we believe that better solutions come from being as open and transparent as possible, sharing ideas, experiences, lessons learned and best practice.
  •  Create an enabling network for partners, international and local professionals and organisations – we enable our colleagues and partners to find locally appropriate solutions to challenges and to build on their successes.
  • Develop a partnership company owned and managed by those who do the work – As a social enterprise we commit to contribute actively by reinvesting our revenues to support our mission and we fully pay our taxes.
  • Create and do work that we believe in and with people we enjoy working with – we work to earn the respect and trust of our partners and clients to ensure we provide good value through best quality combined with competitive pricing.

Our successful delivery of large programmes reflects our values and key principles of effective partnership, deep stakeholder engagement for achieving real change and results, innovation and improved tools for service delivery and careful risk management.