Reuters Interviews Women for Health’s Fatima Adamu

Thomson Reuters has today published an interview with Women for Health’s National Programme Manager, Fatima Adamu.

The article, which details the successes of the Women for Health programme under the heading ‘Nigeria Nurses’, highlights how women’s roles change in their communities once they have graduated from the programme. The article also describes the importance of bringing women in to work and integrating them as a visible part of society in order for their status to improve.

The Women for Health programme selects girls from remote societies in rural Northern Nigeria with the help of their community. They are trained as health workers to staff their community’s health facility, and particularly to be skilled birth assistants and midwives for pregnant women in the area. “The reality is nobody is coming from the city to fill that space for you, (so) you must provide”, explains Adamu of the need to produce ‘home grown’ health workers from the local people who already belong to these areas.

One of the main successes of the Women for Health programme is the community engagement, which leads girls to be champions of their area, and in turn for their home communities to be proud of what their girl has achieved. One particular example of this is Hauwa, a young girl who has experienced improved status in her area after completing part of the training.

Read the Reuters article here, and read more about the Women for Health programme here.