IDC inquiry submission of evidence

Examining social development and health systems issues in Nigeria

Health Partners International submitted written evidence to the UK International Development Committee’s inquiry into DFID’s programme in Nigeria. While HPI and WISE Director, Georgia Taylor, gave evidence before the committee.

HPI have worked closely with DFID and other development partners in Nigeria over two decades and contributed to the delivery of over £250 million worth of programmes in the country. HPI have delivered DFID programmes that have effectively impacted on reducing poverty, enhancing transparency and accountability, reducing the disadvantages women and girls face, and improving education.

In our view, through investing in delivering programmes such as PRRINN/MNCH and W4H, DFID has been spending well in Nigeria. Such programmes are able to deliver lasting value for money. Our experience is that these programmes have delivered not only on their objectives, but on so much more in addition.

DFID needs to ensure it retains institutional memory and that sustained support is given to developing and rolling out successful solutions.

Focus on long-term outcomes rather than short-term results is essential in challenging environments such as northern Nigeria and  ‘value’ should be seen as more than just a product of money.

Read our full submission here.

Watch Georgia Taylor give evidence here.